IM Training
Caring about Health and Safety

IM Training provides quality, easy to follow Health, Safety & Care training and support

We provide professional training services to companies, organisations and individuals who are looking for an affordable and flexible solution to their training needs.

We are dynamic, innovative and have a passion for sharing our knowledge across three main sectors…

Tailored to you

We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients' needs and tailor our presentations and work‑shops to suit.

Flexible Locations

Our expert training services can be delivered at your own premises, at our on‑site training rooms, or in a suitable venue near you.

Other than our own skills we can source other fully qualified specialist trainers to meet your essential training needs through our fantastic Trainer LinQ service at no additional cost.

Easy to Book

We have a positive attitude to everything we do whilst not over complicating our booking service with lengthy terms of business.

IM Consulting

We offer advice, guidance and support to businesses, services, charities and individuals from start-ups to long established companies who need an affordable, flexible, common-sense approach to Health and Safety on a consultation basis.